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  LIQPS: Laboratoire International des Questions et Politiques Sociales
(The International Laboratory of Queries and Social Politics)

Our corporate moniker, gLIQPSh is derived from the French phrase gLaboratoire International des Questions et Politiques Sociales,h which translates into gThe International Laboratory of Queries and Social Politics.h

At LIQPS, we provide total support services for global businesses, with a particular focus on translation, interpreting and language training.
Aside from our aforementioned core competence, our services offered include training courses in English technical translation (via correspondence), audio typing, editing, printing production, data entry, rewriting, foreign language website production, film & animation dubbing and narration.

Through offering training courses for English technical translation (via correspondence), LIQPS is doing its part to contribute to the nurturing of qualified translators.
Graduates of this course that demonstrate particular skill are granted the opportunity to register as official LIQPS translators.

Please feel free to inquire regarding any language-based services other than those detailed above.

In addition to native speakers of the target language that possess advanced specialized knowledge and Japanese ability, LIQPSfs translators also include Japanese professionals across multiple specialized fields who possess over twenty years of translation experience and boast a level of vocabulary exceeding that of the average native speaker of the target language.

LIQPS offers potential clients a sample translation free of charge.
No minimum charge for work orders applies, so please take this opportunity to experience the level of our services for yourself.

LIQPS handles translation work in 33 languages that include English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Hindi, Arabic, Nordic languages and other Asian languages.

Pricing of Translation Services
Japanese to English: \3,750/200 words (excludes certain specialized translations)
English to Japanese: \2,600/400 characters (excludes certain specialized translations)
English audio typing & translation: Starting from \2,100/min.
Japanese audio typing: \18,000/min.
*A 8% consumption tax applies to the above rates.

Please ask us about rates for other languages.

Related Services
Editing/printing production/OHP and other DTP services, data entry, rewriting, foreign language website production, skills acquisition assistance, film & animation dubbing, narration

LIQPS handles legal translation in French for the Embassy of France in Japan as one of the few companies to have received a designation from the embassy for such work.
We promptly, accurately and comprehensively translate any and all documents required in order to supply a translated visa, and have specialized staff on hand to provide any necessary information or field any inquiries regarding the visa application process.
LIQPS is the closest translation company to the Embassy of France in Japan (only a 5-minute walk).

LIQPS handles interpreting in English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Nordic languages and other Asian languages.

In order to meet the individual needs of each of our clients, LIQPS renders accurate and easy-to-understand interpreting services through our highly-experienced, top-caliber interpreters and dedicated support staff.
We approach every interpreting request by assessing in utmost detail the services desired, choosing the most appropriate interpreter for the job, coordinating closely with both the client and interpreter and, in the process, ensuring that a framework is in place to perfectly handle the task at hand.
Our interpreters, which include individuals who are native speakers of a foreign language (and possess Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test), former long-term overseas residents, interpreting guides and individuals certified in the highest level of foreign language proficiency tests, handle a variety of interpreting needs across diverse, specialized fields, including simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, whispering interpreting and escort interpreting.
Whether the situation at hand is an international conference, symposium, seminar, negotiations, business dealings, partnership discussion, internal meeting, exhibition, factory inspection or sightseeing, we will ensure that the right interpreter for the job is on site.
LIQPS offers interpreting services to meet your budget. Please feel free to consult with us.

LIQPS offers language training in English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and Hindi.
We also offer Japanese language training for foreign nationals.

Foreign Language Training for Corporations and Business
We help you prepare for sales efforts targeting overseas clients as well as business trips and work assignment abroad.
Beginner-Advanced: Starting from \6,000/class
Meeting Skills Course: Conduct meetings effectively
English Negotiation Course
Other courses (Unique curriculum designed by LIQPS to match the needs of the client)

English Conversation Training for Executives
This course for busy executives with little free time on their hands dispatches English conversation teachers to either the workplace or home.
Available weekends as well as weekdays.

One-On-One Foreign Language Classroom
Native speakers of English, Mandarin, French or other languages will instruct you in foreign language conversation on an introductory to advanced level in accordance to your level of study.
Lessons are conducted on either a one-on-one basis or in small groups.

Sample lessons may be requested free of charge.

Please contact LIQPS at any time regarding foreign language-based services other than those detailed above.